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Ciao carissimi! 

I’m Claudia – a New Yorker living in Rome since 2006

Sounds like a long time – I can hardly believe it myself! Truth be told, my approach and attitude are of my hometown NYC, despite my years acclimating to the pace and style of the Eternal City. You can take the girl out, etc.

I’m often asked where to eat, stay, shop and go in Rome. As an artist and designer, I have a weakness for what’s gorgeous. As a New Yorker, I want to know the best of the best, the insider’s truth, the lesser known gems around. 

I live and create in Prati, so there’s a lot of spots here in my favorite zona

There are many who have put together amazing blogs and guides to this City – they seem as endless as the streams of pilgrims visiting the Vatican on Easter! I hope you enjoy my personal take on the town 😉 

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