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The Guide

Welcome to #NewYorkerinRome – my completely 100% biased, never-quite-finished list of my personal go-to spots in Rome. This is not a touristic appreciation of the town – it’s more a “how I make a life here thanks to these havens of sanity and delight.” 

Rome is full of secrets – places that stay for decades (and centuries) in quiet, unlabeled glory. Then there are the hip, momentary places that shine brightly for a bit. My taste tends towards the pure, the innovative, and always the gorgeous. My Roman husband has shown me some ins and outs I never would have known about, and now my Roman-born son influences me too. If you’re curious to know more about me, check out my design studio and luxury scarf line.

For sure, this guide is evolving, as I’m ever uncovering the secrets. If you think something should be on my radar, please tell me  so I can go check it out!


The Guide A-Z

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